Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Operation: Super Powered Pets

(A Reposting from Next Top Hero)

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When Superman said, “Super Powered Pets” I knew I was set, I commune with nature daily, and that’s the one department I can deal with… Pets!

I skipped into the room. I saw them all. There ere super powered bats, speedy dogs, giant kitties, acid tongue toads, giant monkeys… I didn’t know which one to pick…

So I randomly grabbed four of them. I had to… I didn’t know which ones I should pick. I ran from the building as giddy as a schoolgirl. I took them to my little room in the Hall of Justice.

I set them down and got a look at them… A weird song played and singing accompanied, “My Little Pony – Apocalypse Pony”

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Oh no… What have I gotten myself into?

By the time I pulled Death and War off of Pestilence, and I stopped famine from eating all of the other’s food. I was tired, I blinked and Pestilence had infected War, and War was trying to get Death to attack Famine.

I couldn’t talk to them, so I had to take a different form. I knew only one person I could become that would control these beasts.

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Seth Green.

“Now boys, boys!” They looked at me, and Death tried to reap me. I moved out of the way and he went headfirst into a tree, and the tree became blighted and died.

“Look, I’m stuck with you. You’re stuck with me.”

Pestilence coughed and I started sneezing. After blowing my nose, I looked at them, War was stabbing Famine again and again.

“Look. I know you guys like mischief and mayhem. Frankly, I know you want to cause the end of the world, I don’t want that, I like the world.” They all turned to me. Famine spat at me, and I felt hungry, War started stabbing my leg, Death tried touching me, and Pestilence created a disease cloud from his nostrils.

This wasn’t turning out the way I hoped, “I can turn you into, Life, Peace, Plenty and Health, So Help Me Great Spirit.” They all fell into line quickly, “Now, you didn’t let me finish. If you promise to not destroy the world, I will let you cause as much mischief and mayhem among my fellow contestants as you want.”

They got into a group, and they started whispering, Death looked over his shoulder at me, and then went back to whispering. They turned around and Death nodded his head, “So we have an accord?”

All four of them nodded, “You promise… You promise not to cause the apocalypse?”

The music played again, “My Little Pony – Apocalypse Ponies” They nodded, “Good Let’s start in Alphabetical Order… Anakin Skywalker.”

They laughed evilly; Seth Green and the Apocalypse Ponies will rule this competition!

I had Pestilence leave some hair loss in Anakin’s Dapper Dan.

Blockade Boy Got a double dose of bad when Pestilence and Famine left a really special burrito in his fridge.

I let War leave glass on Carter’s bed!

Death left a nice big pile of Destruction on Jan’s pillow. That would be nice for her hair.

I let Famine get rid of all of Noel’s cat food, Muhahahah!

Thousand Faces got it, Death and Famine destroyed two of her- Curses… I got carried away with the evil and let the Apocalypse Ponies destroy part of my room. I shaped them a blighted-bone-blood-lava ears incased in obsidian so they can only get out when I let them out.

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Apocalypse Ponies ruled by Seth Green – Success?

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Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Apocalyptic Ponis sound extremely fearful!

3:05 PM  
Blogger Henchman432 said...

Koma is hosting a new game show. Who wants to be a super villain. We are looking for talent.

Dental for all.

9:53 PM  

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