Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer's Journal: Fourty-Fourth Entry

Chris wanted to surprise me. After school, he took me by the hands and tied my black scarf around my eyes, and he walked with me. “Summer, any idea where you are going?”

“No,” I told him, “Is it completely necessary that I be blindfolded?” “Completely necessary.” He held my hand, and I followed him. Soon the sidewalk ended, and I felt the ground become soft. Gravel. Dirt.

It also felt cooler. We were no longer in the city. The life around me, was pulsating against my aura. It didn’t want me there. I felt nervous and I squeezed his hand tightly.

“Summer, what’s wrong?” “Just tell me where we are going… I don’t like this.” “Do you trust me?” “Yes.” That kept me quiet as we walked. I raised my hand to take off the blindfold and he pulled my hand down, “No!”

I was getting frustrated. If there is one thing I hate more then anything, its not knowing something. It drives me crazy. There are so many occasions where someone says after a question, “Because.”

“Chris!” I said, “Tell me where we are going!” He didn’t say anything, but he tightened his grip on my hand to show me he had heard me. So I dug my nails into his skin. He helped and whimpered some.

“Patient Summer.” I whined, pouting my lip out. He melts for that, “Sumer, please… Don’t…” I gave up, I just let him guide me. He wasn’t going to tell me. Then, we turned, and he led me onto a path that was all dirt. He wrapped his arm around my hip, and helped me down this small hill, and he made sure I didn’t fall.

One time, he caught me when I tripped over a branch. I was starting to get nervous, it seemed the further we went out the more treacherous the trail became. Finally, I felt suddenly at peace. The waves pounding at my aura stopped.

He untied the scarf, and I looked around. The sun rays were casting down through the scarcely thing tree tops, making line upon certain pieces of marble. I stared outwards, and I saw an incredibly old graveyard.

The stones were decrepit and falling apart, and the trees were growing up through the hallow spots where the graves were. I saw several spirits and my eyes shifted to see them clearer.

There were several of them; they were all looking at the gravestones trying to figure them out. Their stones had been shifted. Through time, or tree growth or maybe even somebody accidentally or purposely moving them.

Chris was staring at me in awe. I smiled at him, “What?” He walked towards me, and he hugged me tightly to him, wrapping his arm around my waist, and pulling me tightly to him, so I rested my head on his shoulder.

“Chris, what’s wrong?” He shook his head no, “I just thought you would like it here. You didn’t say anything…” “There are several spirits. They are looking for their resting place…”

He looked around and couldn’t see them, “What do you see, Summer?” It was a weird question, but I answered it in the innate detail in which I described in this entry. He looked, and walked towards the spirit, he couldn’t see it, he was just walking.

“They aren’t trying to manifest, I can’t see them, where are they?” I directed him to stand near one. The ghost paid us no mind, it was just looking for its resting place. “Summer,” Chris once again used my name, he was thinking about something, long and hard, “Summer, what do you see?” He was getting deep.

He must have been thinking very deeply today. “How does it change from what I see? How does it all change when we see things ourselves?” I smiled at him, and I had him sit with me, “Chris, my perception changes from what I’ve learned. What I know. I will not see the same tree as you, nor do these gravestones for you hold the mysticism they hold for me. What does this graveyard mean to you?”

“It means it’s a family plot, and its where people died.” “Other then it being a family plot, this is where some stories ended, where the finality of Death was solidified.” Chris smiled faintly but it faded, “What do you think its like to die?” I lifted his chin to look at me, “Surrounded by death, no-one could know. I don’t want to, Chris. That’s all I know. I’m scared to wind up like them. I don’t want that.” “Can you show me them?”

I touched his cheeks, his temples, and I channeled my own magic into him. Not enough to hurt, not enough to give up my own magic, just enough for him to see what I see all the time.

When his eyes opened, I saw my own, the ones I see in the mirror everyday. It was weird to see the icy blue eyes staring at me, instead of Chris’ own. He looked around the Graveyard, and his face lit up. He could see them.

“You see them like this everyday?” “Everyday.” He smiled brightly and leaned into kiss me. One of the spirits passed by in between us and he jumped back. I laughed lightly, and I kissed his cheek and helped him up.

“Let’s get them to their rightful places, shall we?” It took us several hours, but we moved the marble, and got the graves where they needed to be. The spirits slowly dissipated one by one, and Chris couldn’t see them. It wasn’t impressive, one minute they are there and the next minute gone.

Chris is very sweet, and it was a good idea to take me to a graveyard. It was even nicer to help out a few lost souls on our way.