Saturday, February 24, 2007

Janus' Record: 6

“Today I am doing a Journal entry at noon, my wife has went out to buy food, and my daughter is preparing herself for a big event in her life. One that I arranged.

“I caught those two boys in my house last night. I heard their heartbeats, and couple them with Summer’s and Aurora’s it was clear there were a pair more then I expected.

“I had to distract Jesse, because if she had known those boys were there she’d have killed them both. I decided that this morning I would call my nephew and warn him, and tell him to get his family, and this Christopher Eastman up here.

“I have to respect this boy who stole my daughters heart, caused her to forsake her ancient (and worthless) father, and managed to upset her and fix her many times. He had the bold faced audacity to enter my household and see my daughter in her bed without my permission!”

-Rumbling and a calming breath-

“That child had the nerve and he cared about m daughter enough to enter my house, with me sleeping just beneath him, knowing if he got caught I would rip his blood from his body, and yet he came.

“Anyone who would risk their life just to check on my daughter can date her. But I will not tell him this yet. I plan on tonight taking him out in the garden and finding out more about him then I know.

“I do not know what is going on tonight, but this morning when I woke up, and went outside to greet the sun… the sky was bright, glowing amazingly. There could only be bad things happening today… I do not know what.

“I end this for now.”

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Summer's Journal: Thirty-Eighth Entry

Lets start with yesterday. I woke up, and I found my bed had become decrepit. Which means during the night I had a nightmare. I don’t know what it was, but whatever it was, I cast a spell to fight it. And the spell hit my bed. Rather then deal with it, I just made the mattress into a pile of dust.

I went to the next room over, and grabbed a mattress of that bed, and I dragged it and threw it onto mine. I got a shower, and I slipped and hit my head on the back of the wall. I climbed out of the bathtub, more angry now then before.

I put on my makeup. I was out of eye shadow, so I had to wake my mother up to steal hers. I was late, and Brendan went to school without me. That hurt too. Had my mind, put everything together, I would have seen what would happen to me today.

But I didn’t. Classes were terrible. I couldn’t even pay attention. I wanted to spend lunch crying to Brendan. I could and would forgive him for the morning; I’d have left me too, if I cared about school like he does.

At Lunch I sat down at a table and I waited for Brendan, when he walked over to me, he seemed beat, he didn’t get much sleep. I could tell. I asked him what was going on, he spoke about a girl in his dreams.

I should’ve taken that as a sign too. I got shivers, and a girl came up to us. She was wearing a façade, I could tell. She was doing what I do, except with something else. She was dressed as a demure want to be librarian. She had golden brown hair, and these weird blue eyes. She wore horn rimmed glasses, and she dressed two levels above normal dress for high school.

Her name is Sarah. Brendan dreams about her late at night. She asks him to leave his family to come with her. I treated her as civily as possible for me, facing someone with a façade and wearing one of my own.

She spoke with me, and through the rough day I had, I honestly do not remember how the conversation. I know I scared her. I was glad I scared her. But the straw came with this, “Brendan, do you want to walk with me?”

“Sure,” he said, “Be back later cuz.”

I don’t know if anyone reading this can associate this feeling with themselves. But I felt my heart die a little. I needed Brendan. I needed him to listen to me cry. It seems stupid. It seems childish and self centered. I needed him to be with me.

“Brendan,” I spoke, my tone was all he needed to hear. He froze, “Actually, I promised my cousin I would sit with her, her boyfriend is off doing a project, want to join us?” Say No. She sat down.

I put on an even faker façade and made myself seem interested in her. Her last name is Mortia. It has latin roots in death. Open your eyes Brendan! She whispered into my cousin’s ear, his mood changed instantly. He pulled me aside, he cursed at me, “What the hell man? You’re making her uncomfortable, that isn’t right.”

I told him, what her last name meant, I told him I thought the shivers were focused on her. He began to yell at me for treating her badly. I did nothing to her. I did kick Brendan’s shin, only to get his attention.

I yelled at him back. He told me something, it caused me to feel bad. But I don’t know. I still felt betrayed, “I want her to like me,” he said, “I need her to like me.” Our argument turned harsh. I yelled at him, when he was at his weakest, most vulnerable. I made fun of how he could juggle fifteen girls.

He told me, I was one to talk, me who didn’t need anyone but myself. I gave up. I didn’t want him to hate me. For one of the only times in my life, I hung my head low. I turned it to the side so he could see the white flesh of my neck, “I’m Sorry.” I spoke.

He then told me it was his fault. That only made me more angry at him. He didn’t accept my apology, and then he asked for me to accept his, “Yes Brendan, I am going for a walk.”

“Hey are we alright?” He asked. No Brendan, not right now, “Yes Brendan, I have to go, I’m like my dad.”

I gathered my things, and I took off. I went storming by the bleachers. “You look extraordinarily rushed,” spoke a voice from behind me. I turned and I looked at him. He was a punk, he sat in a relaxed and cool position on the bleachers.

“What are you running away from, dhampir?” “I’m not dhampir.” “But are you not part vampire? Albeit a strong strand or else you would burn in sunlight…” “How do you know all this?” “I can tell, the way you smell… The way you move, so graceful…”
It lead to me saying, the classic, “I have a boyfriend, he’ll beat you up.” He shrugged, “You could probably beat me up, I’m fairly weak. But not as weak of those filthy mages.”

It shouldn’t have hurt me as bad as it did, but it stung, I am a mage. I always thought I was strong. Capable of defending myself. He then moved on, to feeding. He asked me if I knew what it was like. What little experience I had with it, I… I… I enjoyed. But I didn’t want him to know that, “You’re trying to trick me.” “Into what?” I found out his name was Isaac. He said something that still haunts me, as I write this now.

“Don’t you love when you feed?” he asked, “Its so amazing. The flow of energy and strength that comes…” After he said that, he continued to speak to me, I yelled at him and I left. I sat beneath my tree, and his voice kept coming back.

I stood and went to storm back to Brendan. I wanted him and I to destroy this guy. As I walked by, he said, “Back so soon?” He asked me. My response was very vulgar. His was the same in kind. I had enough of it, I ran up the bleachers, and I laid my fists into him. All of my blows landed, and had no affect on him.

“Wow, you need some blood, I am not feeling a thing.” He stood, and then he laid a hand on my shoulder, and shoved me. It was so strong, I was so weak, I fell backwards. I landed on my lower neck the first stair, the I popped my arm out of place on the second, and the third I dislocated my knee, the fourth I broke an arm, my ribs snapped on the fifth, and on the sixth, I hit my nose, blood spurted out.

The bottom was the worst, I laid there with a thick, dull, heavy thudding pain all about my body. My tear flowed freely. He walked down, “Are you okay? I barely shoved you. Look, I’m going to go-“ That was all I heard before my eyes closed, and my ears shut off.

The next thing I remember if Brendan cradling me close to him, begging and pleading me to get up, crying on my broken form. All I could say was, “I need Aurora.”

That night, last night, Brendan and Chris snuck into my house and Chris needed to see I was okay. Brendan had left my side around nine, after my dad’s medicine made the pain go away. Still, in all the pain, thinking like a normal girl overruled, and I didn’t want Chris to see me because of how broken I was.

Everyone though I had fallen. It was then I revealed I was pushed. I related to them the story. I then apologized for Chris having to see me like this. He ran down along the curve of my cheek, “You’re beautiful,” he said, “I feel better knowing you’re allright.”

I moved my cheek and pressed his hand down against my shoulder, and I rubbed my cheek against his hand. It was as tender as I could be right then. I wanted him to kiss me, and make me feel better.

The door opened and my father walked in. I closed my eyes. I couldn’t watch. I moved my arm to jump back, and pain filled my body.

That was a real cute prank played by Aurora. She healed me, and I fell asleep. And now, it’s the next day, I am repaired, and I am writing.

Apparently, tonight Brendan, his family, and Chris are coming over. Sarah too… She’s bad news… I know she is.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Aurora's Journal: Ninth Entry

The night was warm. The tiger and I doubled back around and headed for Janus’ mansion. It didn’t take us long to get there. When we arrived, we followed the signs. They were broken down, and hidden by tall grass, but we knew they were there.

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I love this road. On this road, Jesse and I spent a lot of time, and I know at the end of this road, Jesse will be there.

I miss Jesse. She’s the only person in the world I can associate with and love like I do. I love the kids, because they are part of her. I love Janus because he loves her. I still am weary of Page. Page and I don’t see eye to eye.

The road is the important thing, walked down it, and I looked for the gate. It had been so long since I had been there I was wondering if I could even find the entrance again. It was usually covered by vines, and the metal gate usually was the first thing to get covered again when it was cleaned.

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It was clean, which was uncharacteristic. I looked at the walls… I preferred them to be covered with vines.

I opened the gate, and I went to the waterfall. The front door had wards, and though I was invited in the house, I didn’t want to wake someone up to open the doors for me. It was late at night, maybe two or three in the morning.

I got underneath the waterfall, and I climbed down into the trapdoor. It was like a cave, but it was manmade. I still marveled at this entrance.

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The hallway wasn’t much better, and it came out behind a painting in the basement.

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To get upstairs without alerting the whole house to my presence, and especially Janus and Jesse, I had to use the dumbwaiter. The dining room was empty, and I left it, and I heard voices.

“Are you alright? Do you hurt?” it was a male voice.

The conversation was hushed, but I approached its source, and at the top of the stairs and to the left was Summer’s room. There were two male voices, and one female. I created a copy of Jesse, and I morphed myself into Janus.

I opened the door, Brendan, Page’s Son, and another boy were there.

“Uh, we were just leaving…” Brendan said, as he tried to pass me.

I made the fake Jesse say, “You’re not going anywhere gentlemen.”

Brendan turned to his friend, “I’m going to kill you.”

So much love in this room. I laughed. Heavily. I pushed my fingers into my scalp and I became myself. I touched the fake Jesse and she poofed into a pile of flowers.

“You’re evil Aurora,” Brendan said.

My concern went to Summer, and this Boy. They had to be a couple. Summer was laying on her bed, she was hurt. I turned angry eyes to the boy, but then when I saw his concern for Summer, I realized he hadn’t done it.

I signed out to Summer, no-one but her understood sign so Summer spoke, “She is saying, ‘Perhaps instead of coming through the front door, you could use the trap door, underneath the waterfall.’” I signed more, “Aurora, do I have to?” I nodded, “She says, ‘If you hurt my grandbaby, I’ll kill you.’”

He released a breath, and he looked me in my eyes, staring at me, “You don’t have to worry about that,” he spoke with such confidence, I was taken back, “I won’t hurt her.”

I knelt to Summer, and I pulled energy from the room, and I filled Summer healing life. Her arms popped, and her cuts closed, and the bones snapped back into place.

Summer fell asleep, as everyone does when they are filled with that magic.

I heard Janus and Jesse moving. I made a face, and made fangs with my mouth. Brendan and Chris both began to freak, and they ran out into the hall in a panic. I don’t know how they made it out, but Janus and Jesse were not alerted to their presence.

I laid down on Summer’s floor in case she woke in the night and would need me.

When I closed my eyes, I couldn’t help but think, something bad was going to happen, and it was going to happen very soon. All I knew was if I stayed here, the ones I loved couldn’t be hurt. I wouldn’t let them be.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Jesse 6

Excerpts from Jesse’s written journal:

Day: late

Month: one of twelve

Season: fall

I have finally set my plan into motion. I will tear Page apart from the inside out. Her life is so perfect…with her loving honey and brat vampire child. I’ll just take everything from her. I’ll devastate him as well. He is of such a light temperament. Knowing he betrayed his ‘love’ will kill him inside.

My work will be easy.

So to start my plan, I needed to gauge how easily I could get to him. I’ll admit he was more resistant than I thought he would be. When I first found him, or rather when he first walked by me, he planted a silver sword in the ground with a red ribbon bow tied on it. I tried to placate him, make him feel at ease and comfortable with me. We would need to be comfortable for my plan to work.

I taunted him, drawing on sexual jokes, trying to entice thoughts of such acts with a darker being. He is a dhampir…darker entices all creatures, especially his kind. Pointing out my sister’s draw backs and her simplicity when it comes to our kinds, I messed with him. He was resistant. He was going to be a challenge. A challenge I would have fun beating.

I was confident I could get him then, and I’m still confident now. I blatantly told him what I wanted. I told him it was him that I intended to have, and that I was going to steal Page’s life from under her, just to break her. He didn’t believe me. I found his weakness. I look too much like my sister. No matter how hard I try to hide the face she stole from me in the womb, it still comes out. I guess I can use this to my advantage. If I look closer to the wolf he dominates it will be an easy switch for him to make. He will mistake me for her. I will make it happen. Anyway…I found his weakness through sheer play.

“She’s so helpless all the time, isn’t she?” I was talking about Page.

I have to say, she keeps me on my toes. But I love her. Very much.” He paused then and took a step back asking, “Do you understand that word?”

I took a step towards him, to entice still, “Help me to…” I cooed at him. It was then that I found his weakness.

He confided, “You look too much like your sister. She gives me that look, and I melt.” It was all the initiative I needed. I pounced, figuratively speaking. I touched him for the first time during the whole conversation. Granted it was only his shoulder, but it was enough.

"Then it should not be so difficult. I'm not as bad you think I am. I am my sister's twin after all. You taught her to love…teach me." That broke him. He had cried out at me then.

“Stop it! Just stop.” He turned to leave, so to placate and show him I was serious. I followed him, soothing his frayed nerves. I was getting to him and it feuled me on.

“It wouldn't be smart of me to anger the one who will teach me to love, so…" I kissed him. Adding to everything I had done. Trying to break him down even more. "I won’t antagonize anymore." He told me not take something as a weakness and then everything went black.

I woke in Janus’ library, which is where I sit right now. He wants me to read something from his collection, so not to disappoint, I think I should.


Monday, February 05, 2007

Summer's Journal: Thirty-Seventh Entry

A Mind Mage. A telepath. He saw me as a mage, and he wanted to know more about me. When I saw him next, he had planted a memory. The only reason I know that is because I checked my journal. I am very good about writing down the events of my day. And the memory didn’t correspond correctly.

The poor kid just wanted to be my friend. His name was Mike. He’s a sweetheart. And I don’t think that was a memory he implanted either. I know he was using his magic to enhance what I thought about him.

He’s alone. Totally alone in this world, and when he saw my aura, he thought I was a bad person. He had plans to kill me, before he broke into my mind without my permission. I’m glad he did.

I spoke to Chris today. I had him augment me. Mike seems like a sweetheart, but I cannot know for sure. Chris helped me put a barrier up on my own mind. Something to protect me from being read like I was. I told him what had happened.

Unlike myself, he still was upset with Mike. I don’t understand why boys think like that. Mike did something terrible to me, but he was doing it for a good reason, and Chris just saw it as being terrible.

I tried to soothe him over, by rubbing his hand with my thumb, and running my nails gently down his back like he likes. It didn’t seem to work. He promised me he wouldn’t hurt this kid. But that he would never like him.

I agreed. I didn’t want him hurt. He was just lost. I rested my head beneath Chris’ chin. I felt whole. He held me to him. I imagine it had to be one of the weirdest things anyone would ever see.

He was a “Jock” if you like to label people. He was in high standing among the social standing pyramid. He was the top of the pyramid. He was invited to the “Cool” parties and when people would vote for people to win things for the yearbook, he was always voted for something.

I was his polar opposite. I was the bottom of the scheme. The only people beneath me were the “Anarchists” and they were only beneath me because they hated everybody and everything. I have some degree of respect for some rules, some people and some things. I’m a goth. That’s who I am.

He and I, stand in stark contrast. I wear blacks and sometimes if I feel very happy, red. But not a lot. He dresses in a rainbow of colors. His blue jeans have different shades to match his many colors of shirts. When he feels very sad, he goes with navy and darker shades of blues, greens and reds. When I feel happy, and he feels sad, we seem to almost match with each other.

But its days like today, when the sun is shinning, and his shirt is bright, and he seems to be a glowing form of an archaic god of old. And I, holding onto him, in my dark shades, absorbing the light he gives off, his dark goddess.

I think I will wear red tomorrow. A red silken over shirt. Maybe crimson red lipstick. I’m blushing right now… I want to leave my lipstick mark on his cheek or neck.

I want him to know that I belong with him, and that he belongs with me.

I want everyone else to know that too.