Monday, March 19, 2007

Brendan 2

There is so much pain. Everywhere. She's gone…she cant be gone. I hate my family. They took her from me. She loved me and they couldn't be happy…But they've got no reason to treat her badly…

I don't understand. She made me feel so connected with her, like she was a part of me that I couldn't live without. I feel so lost right now. I'm shaky and I just want her to hold me. She'll make it better. I don't want to eat. I broke everything in my room. There is no reason to have anything with out having her.

I was just so angry at them all when I got home. We had gone to dinner and the family took to Chris but they completely turned on Sarah. It wasn't fair. She hadn't done anything to them…

They pinned her with the label of Succubus. She couldn't have been one of those. She was too sweet and caring for that. She loved me. It hurts so bad without her. I don't want to eat, I don't want to do anything. I'm so tired, and confused. I'm going to lay down and try to think. Peace.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Aurora's Journal: Tenth Entry

The house was a hive. It was busy, and everyone was running around, it reminded me of bees. Jesse, my sweet daughter, was running to clean, and running to get food. Janus cooked. The kitchen was blur of speed and wind. Summer was running up and down trying to find the perfect outfit and makeup.

Even Old Beast, was busy trying to kill Rapier. The Tiger and I were the only ones not doing anything. I didn’t know what should be done so I went to pick the flowers for the table setting.

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After I had collected the flowers I laid down to sleep. I rarely get the chance to just relax and sleep. I woke with the sleepy feeling all over me. I rose and yawned, and the tiger had been sleeping tightly to me, and it was a little warm, and I pushed him.

He rolled off the bed, hit the ground and roared at me. I silently laughed having no voice. I kissed his forehead and he purred. I walked down stairs. They were all gathering, The Old Beast was laying on a chair and broken.

I healed him. It took little or no energy. He whispered to me, “I could’ve healed myself,” he said stubbornly. It was untrue, and I put him to sleep so he wouldn’t get himself beat up to prove it.

I surveyed the crowd. I had already met Chris. But Brendan’s girlfriend… She… Its hard to describe when someone as old as me sees something that is clearly something we know.

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She was pretty, but I had to think… These was something off about her eyes. I couldn’t place it, I just saw the leaking of power from her eyes.

There was some “drama” happening in the room. Between Chris and Janus. Summer waited impatiently, when he returned he handed her a black rose, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her more beautiful.

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Once everyone settled in and Dinner was preparing to be served, Summer rested her head on Chris’ shoulder, and then Sarah and Brendan were about to kiss, I gasped not because of them about to kiss but because I remembered what she was.

The magic leaking from her eyes was tainted, and flowing into Brendan. Her movements were meant to be subtle, trying to look innocent but all of them be very sexual in nature. She was a Succubus.

The whole room began to fight. I tried to stay out of it. It wasn’t my place. Page and I don’t get along, and me punishing her Son would be the worst thing I could do.

After some yelling, Janus finally yelled. Everybody in the room shut-up, and quivered. I smiled gently. It was frightening, it commanded my attention, I took a deep breath and released it. He took Brendan outside, and Summer began to pound on the succubus heavily with her words. She really cares for Brendan.

When Janus returned he began to go through the purifying and banishment ceremony. The Succubus couldn’t stand this, and she began to wrap Brendan tighter in her magic. Trying to give her everything to him. Trying to snap him in two.

Inevitably, it took Summer and I holding the Succubus down with vines to keep her there. After she had been purified, she reverted to her real form, but not to poor Brendan. He saw that innocent girl that she wanted him to.

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Rapier stood over the girl, his hand was faltering on killing the demon that his son loved. He couldn’t hurt his son like that. I withdrew my tomahawk. I took a step forward, then The Old Beast withdrew a silver gladius and he walked up, and removed her head. She burst into flames and she reached for Brendan saying “I love you.”

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I felt for him, but the corruption she did to him of the naturally flow of magic in his body made it so I couldn’t help him. Summer knelt to him, and she held him in her arms. She tried to consol him… It didn’t work.

I wish this didn’t happen to him.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I'm a nervous wreck. I have to go meet Summer's family tomorrow night. They invited me to dinner. I don't know how to act. I don't really have Summer to talk to, she'll just hold my hand and tell me that its alright and nothing will go wrong. The only thing that I am scared of going wrong, is that her family wont like me. No big deal...Yeah right.

Brendan is bringing his new girlfriend. Now, usually, I don't have a problem with the chicks he's interested in, but this one. Something is different about her. I see less and less of my friend because of her. It's silly, but he doesn't really seem like himself. I don't get it. She's got him so whipped, he'll never admit it but he is. Anyway, this girl...she gives me weird vibes. She is gorgeous, don't get me wrong. The girl couldn't get any finer, but I dont know. I get chills down my spine like something isn't quite right with her. She has this darkness around her.

I don't know. I just don't trust her, but hey, she isn't my girlfriend and nothing has happened to Brendan. So I guess things are alright for now. I'm off to go get things ready for dinner.



Sunday, March 04, 2007

Summer's Journal: Thirty-Ninth Entry

I’m crying as I write this entry. I know that happens a lot. But these tears are not for me. Anyone may think it odd, but I am smiling whilst I cry. I am smiling for myself. I often wonder if everyone is like me, or am I just simply odd?

The events of this long, long day unfolded like this. Last night my body was broken and bruised, and my godmother Aurora healed me, while Brendan and Chris (Chris without permission) visited me.

Apparently, both my father and mother knew they were here but tried to hide the fact from the other so the boys had a chance at surviving. But they both called Brendan in the morning to wake him, and tell him to get his family ready. Also to tell Chris to come over.

Brendan invited his new girlfriend.

I usually let something very important occupy that single sentence paragraph. But that is something important. It took me some time to prepare. It was my job to move the tables, and set them in the ball room. This didn’t take me much time at all.

I went to help my father in the kitchen in the basement but its hard to talk to someone you can’t see moving. He stopped and I felt air blow all over me, “No thank you Summer. Did you set the tables and move them?” I nodded. “Then you are done.”

I went upstairs and got dressed. I wore a black evening gown. I went light on the makeup. By light, of course, I don’t mean bright, I mean soft. I was finished so early I didn’t know what to do with myself.

It was six, and they were due to be here at ten. My father, had an old tradition that he kept, and we have to abide by. He would, in the past, have powerful vampires and werewolves to sup at his table to negotiate peace.

I wonder if he saw Chris as a threat. Not so much to his safety, but to mine. Chris isn’t a threat at all. But maybe he sees Chris as a rival, for my love. Doesn’t he know I will love him no less?

To pass the time, I laid down on my bed, set my alarm for nine fifteen, so I could wake and fix my messed up hair. I turned on my music, and I got lost in it. I engulfed myself by engulfing myself in headphones.

When my alarm went off, I didn’t hear it at first, and it took my mother entering my room, and throwing a pillow at me, to wake me completely from my self induced stupor. I looked over at my clock, he was going to be here in ten minutes.

I panicked. It took me nine minutes, and thirty seconds. I ran downstairs. I was able to calm my breathing down, and as soon as I did, they were here, using Brendan’s Necklace. I surveyed the crowd praying Chris would be there. He was and I stopped looking as I saw him. I smiled, and cast my eyes down from him. He walked over, and he gave me a light hug and he whispered, “You’re Beautiful.”

I whispered back at him, “You look very handsome.” I noticed that Grandfather Beast was here. He looked pretty beat up. It wasn’t my place to help him. If I help him I defy my uncle. Also, I hurt his pride. He tried crawling forward of his own accord, and Uncle Rapier stomped on his head. I flinched.

Chris stared mouth agape, “I take it they don’t like each other?” I responded with, “Not at all, they hate each other more then anything.” Chris looked confused, “How come?” I spoke, “He killed Uncle Rapier’s first Wife,” I whispered, “He’s my great-grandfather.”

My cousin was not paying attention to us. He was focused on Sarah. He just wanted to sit with her. I was happy for him, but she seemed creepy. Tainted. Uncle Rapier walked over Grandfather Beast. Stepping on him, stomping on him, as he walked past us, my mother screamed from behind us, “RAPIER!” She clenched her fists as she commanded the attention of the room, all eyes focused on her.

“If you weren’t married to my sister I’d kill you!” Mom screamed at him as she walked past us, and those fists that were prepared to destroy my uncle, open and take my Great Grandfather into her hands, “Are you alright?” She whispered.

“Should I help her with him?” Chris asked in scarce movements of his lips. I nodded. I wanted my mother to like him. I needed her to like him. He knelt and finally spoke after what seemed like an eternity, “Is there anything I can do to help?” My mother’s nostrils flared.

“Yes, can you help my get him into a chair?” Chris and my mother picked up the mass that was my great grandfather to a chair. Once he was safe in the chair, my mother clenched those helping hands into fists, and she screamed at him, “DAMN YOU RAPIER!” She shot daggers through her eyes.

My uncle looked at her, his face was so different then I had ever seen it. My mother nodded once. I was so lost in the exchange I didn’t realize Chris and I were in the room alone. I walked him into the room, and I walked over to my father.

I bit my lower lip, and I spoke, “Dad. This is Chris.” My father rose. I closed my eyes. My father extended his hand, “You can call me Janus.” Chris grabbed his hand and shook, “It’s nice to meet you, sir.” Was his response. Chris was so strong. I was so scared. If I didn’t have my makeup on, I’d have been crying.

He looked at me, was I his strength? I smiled at him, hoping it would be enough, “You’ve never been here before,” I knew my father knew he was there, “Want to see my garden? I would gladly show you around it.” Chris seemed hesitant, “Uhm… Sure, I would love to see your garden sir.”

Stop saying Sir, Chris. I thought to myself. I watched him leave, and I was helpless. I gave him the strongest smile I could. Once they were out of sight I ran towards my mother. “He’s a good boy,” was what she said, “Your father will see that, don’t be scared Dawn.”

She called me Dawn. This couldn’t be good. I must have looked like a scared little girl to everyone else at the table. Traipsed over her mother, clinging to her for safety and comfort.

It seemed to take forever. Time was so slow that everyone around me was moving in slow motion. I watched the door forever. He finally entered after a very a long time. Very, very, very long time.

I looked up to him. I had to be almost crying. Thoughts running through my head about what my father would do if he didn’t like him. He held a black rose in his hand, and he handed it to me, “Hey, no tears.”

I laid my head on his shoulder, and I closed my eyes. Everything was good. Everything was going to be okay. I held his hand, and I sighed. I need to say this… When I am with Chris, I try to be restrained and refined. My head on his shoulder, holding his hand, hugging him. But I also know my family doesn’t want to see me kiss him.

Sarah made that mistake. She enticed Brendan to kiss her. In front of the whole family. Some were shocked, others were mad, I was annoyed. She began to whisper things to him, and he became angrier…

Finally he blew up on us all, and she sat there, a sadistic smile on her face, as he defended her from us. I said nothing. I watched, I withdrew from Chris so he would have no reason to be angry with his best friend.

My father didn’t speak, they were all trying to calm him down, finally he spoke, he yelled, I had never heard his full voice, but as my mother’s voice commanded the room, my father’s voice caused the whole room to freeze.

The strength and power of my father’s voice caused me to whimper. I think everyone in the room did. He grabbed Brendan and swept him away. I turned to Sarah.

I walked around the large table, and I grabbed her by her hair, and I tossed her to the ground, “Who are you?!” I screamed at her.

“Sarah Mortia,” She responded cradling her head. I grabbed her and shoved on her, digging my heel into her leg, “What are you doing to my cousin?!” I screamed at her. “Loving him.”

“Liar!” I screamed, “You’re tainted, what are you?!” I yelled. She looked at me, her eyes turned yellow. My hands turned black, and I reached for her. My mother grabbed my shoulder. I spit blood on Sarah.

Aurora grabbed her. She tossed her. It wasn’t even a struggle, and Sarah landed in the foyer. I walked by Aurora, she hurt my cousin, and I was going to hurt her. She was going to pay.

“What do you want with him?!” I screamed. “Him!” She responded. Brendan entered the room. I backed off. I cast my eyes down from him. My dad began to recite scripture, and then she began to scream.

I don’t want to write about what happened. I felt it… For one split second, I looked into Brendan’s eyes, and I felt all her did. This is why my tears are his, and my smile is my own. My family likes Chris. But now Brendan can’t be happy.

I feel bad… Brendan is more then my cousin, Brendan is my best friend, he is my Yang. I would want him to be happy before I would ever wish it for myself.

But I am happy. I thank God everyday. But now Brendan is sad. I’m going to call and check on him…