Sunday, April 29, 2007

Janus' Record: 7

(Kept by Phonograph.)

“I don’t often like working with other vampires, I find them to be cruel, complicated and dramatic. I have a niece, her name is Lara. She was known for a very long time as ‘The Dagger’. She’s only seventy six.

“Lara is eternally trapped in a seven year old body. Some stupid vampire was being especially stupid and Lara was born from that. She is the full dramatic end of the spectrum, everyday she wakes and wishes she was older.

“She would prefer death to immortality. I often wondered, in dark moments of her life, if she thought of plunging her own daggers into her heart to end it all. I try to spend time with her. She’s so unique.

“One moment she’ll be playing with dolls, seriously, and then if you offer to play with her, or just sit down and play, she’ll begin cursing, and yelling at you how she is not a child. She’s older then you are. Well, she often does that with her so called ‘Mother’. Page is the one who took her in.

“Page will often tickle Lara or cuddle with Lara, and Lara will tell her to get away that she is old enough to be Page’s mother, and then if Page leaves her alone, then she pleads for her to come back.

“Lara is a paradox. She is both mature and immature. Brendan treats her like a little sister. She never, ever yells at him. I think that Lara when she was human, which she can’t remember, had an older brother who was like Brendan.

“She often defends Brendan from his mother and father when he does stupid things. Yelling and screaming and bring a rage and fury. She really loves him. She likes Rapier too. I love her relationship with Rapier.

“See when they are together, they double team people. They are both quick-witted and sly, and its very neat to watch them interact. I’ve been with them hunting before. I’ve seen them make a Werewolf-Brute break down in tears from their wit, and they finish each other’s sentences.

-Light laughter-

“But I love, as I said, to watch her most with Page. She looks up to Page when they are cuddling, and I can see envy and her looking up at her like she is her heroine. But she fights with Page like a teenager. Sometimes she acts younger then what she is.

“She Loves Page. I am sure if the time came she would die for Page. I don’t understand how Page inspires such dire loyalty. She doesn’t want it. Page, that is, the last thing she wants is to be is a leader. She wants to be a mother, a sister, and a wife. She wants love, and love alone.

“I have shed tears for Lara before. I can’t understand what she is going through. But I know how hard it must be. I really do like working with her. Whenever she works, she is at peace. Her soul, mind and body work as one, she doesn’t even notice how young she is. She uses it to her advantage.

“I’ve seen her rip the heart out of an old wolfie, while he was raging. I’ve seen her stake an ancient vampire surrounded by his cronies. She’s an amazing huntress. She only works for money.

“She worked for six people before settling on Page, one every ten or so years. She was a Feral, so she was handy, untraceable. She would give who she was leaving a dagger, facing them. It was a promise, if they tried to stop her, she would kill them.

“Only one greedy vampire tried to stop her, he and his subordinates all were killed. I remember hearing whispers in the clubs about a little girl who destroyed an entire coterie. Most took it as hear-say. To date, she has two hundred and fifty-six kills to her name. Two unsuccessful.

“Rapier d’Epee, she left him a wonderful crescent scar across his back. Some other vampire named Janus.


“It was a futile attempt to begin with, she snuck into my mansion, figured out my puzzles, found my room, shoved the dagger into my chest, and then I burst into ash. That’s right, I burst into ash.

“She figured her job was done, and she left. I reformed, that’s one of the benefits of being two thousand years old, you know. When she found out I was alive, she tried killing me, again, and again.

“Finally, she realized I wasn’t going to die, and she left.

“I watch how Lara acts with Jesse… She hates Jesse and still, even now, is weary of her. Lara was one of the people who had to deal with Jesse when it came to Page. She almost killed Jesse. Thank God for Aurora. Thank God for Aurora.

“She is fairly indifferent towards me. I almost killed her once to get Page’s attention. Page was very stubborn, and it took hurting Lara to make her see.

“Wow, this little chat with my phonograph turned into something about Lara instead of something about our adventure together. That’s okay, our adventure wasn’t very exciting anyway.”

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Summer's Journal: Forty-Second Entry

Ever been to a lupine bar? Its not a nice experience. Ever. Not even my aunt appreciated being in one of them when she was younger. My mother, on the other hand, loved Lupine bars. She would often go into them and find out information.

My latest adventure led me into one. There was a rogue werewolf loose. The vessel-packs avoided him, and my Aunt was busy defending her territory in the north from a pack that was moving down.

That left my mother and I. My Uncle Rapier goes with my aunt whenever she has to do things like that, and Brendan was off at a track meet across state. My little cousin Lara was off with my father. Once again, that left Mother and I.

Now, I’ve worked with my mother before. She gets, very, very defensive of me, and she doesn’t worry about herself. I can handle myself, I am sure I have fought bigger, nastier monsters from nightmares then she has.

But, my mother, comes and wakes me earlier morning, “Baby-Doll,” because that’s what my mother calls me, “Baby-Doll we need to get up, there was a murder last night.” My eyes opened, and all I could see was a newspaper article of a mutilated older woman.

“Mom it’s…” I looked for my clock, but she spoke up before I could finish, “It’s Five in the morning.” I laid my head back down on the pillow, and then she looked in my side pouch. She withdrew my silver whistle, and though I heard her wince, she blew it, and it made me jump up.

“I’m up,” I said as I rubbed my eyes. I fumbled around and it took me awhile to get fully awake, and get ready, but we were gone by six. We started in town, and we went right to the scene. There was police tape everywhere, and my mom just casually walked into it.

She knows nothing of subtly. I would have went in the back, but she walks right in. “Excuse me mam, you’re not supposed to be here.” A police officer walks up, and my mother turns to him with tears in her eyes, “But… My mom-She…”

“Oh…” said the police officer, “But, it’s a crime scene mam.” She blinked her eyes heavily and a sob escaped her lips, “I just need to see her things, I need…I need to.” He looked downtrodden, “Stay out of the living room.”

My mother walked by, and she signaled for me to come. I walked in, and the cop looked at me, “Your grandmother? And that was your mother?” I responded coolly, “No, I’m the Outside Associate to the Corener, I specialize in freak killings.” “Aren’t you a little young?” “Thank you, no, I use the makeup to make me look younger.”

“Whatever,” he said as he signaled me through. I stepped into the house, and my mother looked at me, “Why didn’t you just walk in?” “Because, you have to be more subtle about these things.” “Nah, Subtly is for people like your father. I prefer the direct approach.”

Mother and I walked into the living room. She took a sniff, and she stepped away from the room, “You’ll need to go in there,” she said. She was rubbing at her nose as if it was burning. When I entered the room, I saw the blood splatters and the locks of hair on the floor. The old lady fought back. I knelt down to the hair, and I looked.

It was course. I looked over the room, beside the blood there was a yellow spot. I sighed and backed away, “Whoever he is, he is very proud about this kill.” She smiled, “How do you know it is a he?” I smiled back, “Only a he would be stupid enough to do that.” My mother smile at me, and hugged me close.

“Good, now, we are going to pick up his trail, and by we. I mean I am, and you are going to go to your cousins house until I find where he is.” I sighed heavily, “Mom. No. I a-“ She cut me off, “After your little escapade with the human hunters, you are not going anywhere that can put you into danger.”

She picked up the trail and I walked out of the building, “Who was that woman?” I asked the cop. “The Old Woman’s Daughter.” “Wow,” I said, “You fell for that, go look at the pictures, not a daughter in sight.” He thought for a second, and mentally kicked himself, I could tell by his expression.

He had some choice words, and I left him. I wasn’t going to Brendan’s house. I went to my contact. He was running a small store in some dark alley near the industrial section of town. I found his place, and when I entered, I noticed he was busy working on a small contraption.

“Summer is that you?” “Yeah Sans, its me.” “You hear about the murder down on Clover?” “Yeah Sans.” “Hear-tell it’s an old Werewolf. One who was around to fight in the civil war. That doesn’t mean much.” “No, My Mom’s looking for him too.” He laughed, “Then he really is screwed. You should go across town to the slums. Over there is a bar.”

“That doesn’t sound good.” “It’s a lupine bar. That would be the place to find out stuff.” I nodded, “Thanks Sans. I’ll have my dad stop by with something for you.” “Nah, don’t worry about it, I don’t mind helping you out, you’re a good kid.”

I began my trek to the slums of town. It lead me through the park, and there were a couple talking about the murder last night. I walked by them, hearsay. Most people think when something like that happens it is a large animal, maybe a freak accident, maybe even a passer-by.

When I got across the park, it wasn’t much further to the slums. Naturally, guess who was going down the same street.

“DAWN!” She yelled at me. I looked back and fourth, then pointed at myself, “Who me?” She walked over to me, “What did I tell you to do, young lady?”

I shrugged, “I can probably kill this guy on my own, Mom.” She gave me the eyes, and I sighed, “Yessum. I’ll go.” She waited for a second, and then she said, “We’ll both go, I lost the trail. We’ll get ready for the night. I’ll buy you lunch.”

After lunch, we went to Aunt Page’s and I went to her stocks of items. My mother hates my Aunt’s stock. She thinks it stupid that she keeps the Wolfsbane in the house in which she lives. I also picked up Uncle Rapier’s Mercury Squirt Gun. Its much deadlier then what it sounds.

My mother and I left my Aunt’s house and heading for the Lupine bar. When we arrived it was just opening. The Bartender was an older man, he sat behind the counter, and he cleaned cups.

“Ladies, need something?” My mother walked up to the bar, and she smiled, “I need to know about the murder on Clover.” “Why would a pretty little loner like you, want to know about something like that?”

“No reason,” she batted her eyelashes. I sighed, I walked up to the bar, “Look, we are going to put it down, we just need to know where it is.” He sighed, “I don’t know, he’s rabid, bit down on the wrong animal. He’s in the woods nearby. The old Lady was wrong place wrong time.”

My mother looked at me, “I thought you were all about being subtle. Sometimes your approach is best.” We left the bar, and went to the forest, she stood in front of me. It was darkening, and I could tell she didn’t like the situation. I knelt down to the ground.

“Mom,” I said, “There are some dead animals near here. We might need them.” I closed my eyes, and blood filled my mouth. I found a few animals, and I linked with them. So I could see what they saw. I spat my blood all over the place.

“Now it is our ambush.” My mother looked at me, I couldn’t tell if it was pride, but it changed quickly. Her face went blank, and I grabbed the wolfsbane, and I rubbed it on my hands and neck.

I waited for him. It was imperative that my mother not get cut by his claws. Which meant, I had to distract him, she couldn’t know that. I screamed as if I was being attacked, and my mother looked at me with confusion, that’s when I heard the tree fall.

I began to run, screaming the whole way. It chased after me. I spun around, and I saw him coming. He was big, and he was an older werewolf. I smiled as he came at me. I rolled to the side, and vines came up, and wrapped around him.

“Look at me!” I yelled. He turned, and growled lowly at me. That’s when a tree fell on him. My mother stood, full werewolf form, white against the dark forest. The old werewolf tossed the tree into the air, and I flung bone spears at him.

My mother picked up a tree, twice my size, and used it as a club. She knocked him back into the tree, and it splintered, sending him down to the ground, He growled, and launched himself at my mother. I rushed in front of her, and used the Mercury gun in his eyes. He howled, and scratched at his eyes as the foam dropped from his mouth.

He tried flailing around, and mom dropped another tree on him. I ran to him, and started plastering him with the mercury. He growled, and flailed. My mother jumped on the tree, and she jumped up and down.

He fell to the ground, and he changed back to be human. She jumped and jumped until there was an ungodly crack. She laid her hands on the side of his face, and snapped his head off of his body. I jumped back from the blood, and she was woundless, and she didn’t have blood on her.

She grabbed his head off the ground by the hair, with a glove, and she and I walked out of the woods. I released the bodies of my zombies, and we walked back to the bar.

It was full, and the smell was rancid, and the men all turned their attention to us, cat calls, and hey babys and even one of them pinched me. My mother threw the head in there, and she spoke, “Do your own work, puppies.”

The room grew silent, and we left. There were growls as we left, and my mother gave them the middle finger as she left.

“We kicked his butt mom.” “Yes we did. Clever plan, baby-doll.” “I usually think of something last minute.” “It works.”

I hugged her tightly, “I love you mommy.”

“I love you too Baby-Doll, now lets go home, I want some tea, and you look tired.”


Friday, April 13, 2007

Summer's Journal: Forty-first entry

Before I relate this story, I once again restate that I am not dead. I do not die. How would I write it otherwise?

It was nighttime when they came. There were three of them. A Succubi, and two minion demons. It was nice of them to gag me before they tied me up, and tossed me around. They came into my room, and they stole me, right from under my parents watchful eyes.

I struggled, of course, and the succubi turned to me, and she released a fist and it struck my temple, just with the right amount of force to knock me unconscious. When I woke, I was sitting in an iron chair, wrapped in silver rope, and surrounded by a circle of salt.

The Succubi was there, along with the two demons who captured me. In the low light of the room I was in, I could see them. The two demons were minions, chained to her. She smiled wickedly when she saw that I was awake.

“Summer Dawn O’Ciardha. You killed Devith. I don’t know how.” “I’ll tell you how,” I responded, “If you tell me who you are working for.” “No deal. I meant, what kind of a human can do that, so I’ve got you bound here for good. I figured it out, if you are a mage the circle of salt will keep you there, the silver will keep you there if you are a vampire or a werewolf, and the iron-chair will keep you there if you are a fey.”

“You’ve got your basis covered, don’t you?”

“Yes, and it’s a pity you’re not male, I’d have had you some times ago.” She looked me over, “You’re a dark little thing, aren’t you? You’re not going to make it out of here alive.”

“Death is the next great adventure.”

“For you, it is the last adventure, little girl. How would you prefer to die? That is the only question I have for you. Answer and I will make it all over, quickly and painlessly.” “Old Age,” was my response. “Cute, how about a dagger in the stomach?”

“Sure, why not? I’ve got nothing better to do.”

The succubi pointed and one of the minions moved the salt circle so she could enter, “You’ll rest in a gravestone marked Elizabeth Garret. Its already dug.” I sighed heavily, “Okay. Whatever.”

I closed my eyes, and I concentrated. I felt death all around me. In every single part of the room, beating in through the walls. I opened my eyes.

“You are going to kill me in a graveyard?” “Does that bother you?” I closed my eyes, and blood filled my mouth. There was so much death all around me, it was easy to raise them. The walls shook, the room became red.

She looked at me confused, “What are you?!” When my eyes opened, I smiled at her, as I felt the warm blood roll down the corners of my mouth. She stared at me, and her minions went closer to her, to try and protect her from what was going on around her.

She put me in a mausoleum. How stupid can someone get? The stone coffins began to open as zombies rose. They rolled out of the coffins, and she looked at me, she ran towards me with the dagger.

Two of the zombies grabbed her, and held her down trying to bite her neck. The doors to the mausoleum opened and in poured zombies from the surrounding graves, and the minion demons began to swing their massive arms around.

After two swipes, there were too many, and they grabbed and began to rip at the minions. The succubi began to flap her wings, trying to get away. She closed her eyes, and a spear appeared in her hand and she began to stab down, then the zombies grabbed the spear and pulled her down. I had to turn away as they ripped her to pieces and her large minions soon followed their mistress.

After they were done, I had two of them rip and break the chair so I could get out, while I got the others to destroy the circle of salt surrounding me.

I had an undead army. At least, when it was happening, I was prepared to go and take over the world. I told myself no, and I sent them back to their graves. Except two of them.

I searched the Succubi. I found little or nothing on her. She had no information. I took my pair of zombies, and I walked to my cousin’s house. I opened the front door, it was early morning, and I scared my Aunt Page, who was heading for work.

“Summer, what are you doing here?” “A set of human hunters thought I was a human and attempted to kill me, I killed the man last night, and I killed a succubi this morning.” “Oh, that’s nice-What? Human hunters?” “Yeah, I think I have his journal on me…”

I handed her the journal, she began to read some aloud, “A child prayed to god for him to get rid of the scary man he saw out of his window and he exorcised a demon to back to hell. A young couple outran a raging werewolf, inevitably causing its death. A teenager as a dare released a houseful of spirits, not even meaning to. A young woman killed an attacker using a self defense technique and it turned out to be ancient vampire. A man fought off a horde of zombies raised by a powerful demon, and saved his family. All of them have black X’s over the names… These humans were killed because they were just trying to live,” she said.

“Yeah. I think one day, I will write each of their stories out…” She handed it back to me, and then looked behind me, “Summer… I don’t think that’s entirely appropriate.” “He took a picture of me after I had absorbed the youth from people.” “Okay… Just this once.”

I walked by, and the zombies followed, and I opened the door, and I had them go into Brendan’s room. They stood over him, and moaned loudly, grabbing at him, and he jumped awake, and screamed like a little girl. I laughed loudly, and he ran after me. We chased each other through the house, until he finally caught me, and then he shoved me on the couch and began to tickle me.

It made me laugh. I sent the zombies away, and then I came home to write this entry. I really do want to tell their stories…


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Aurora's Journal: Eleventh Entry

She came to me crying. She leapt into my bed with me, and she kept pushing me to wake me up. I rose immediately. My eyes opened slowly, and I turned to her. I expected it to be Summer, having a terrifying dream of death and decay.

But it wasn’t Summer. It was Jesse. I was so shocked, I gasped. But I couldn’t say anything. I was myself. I couldn’t speak. I laid my hand on her cheek, and shushed her gently.

I shifted forms to Rapier’s Dead Wife. She was exactly what I needed to help Jesse.

“Jesse,” I whispered as I took her in my arms, “Are you okay, sweetie?”

"No…" She whimpered slightly. "I had a horrible dream.”

I sat next to her, and I took both her hands in mine, and I spoke in soft tones, “Do you want to tell me about it?”

She shook her head, "It was scary…I haven't had a scary dream like that since I was little."

She sounded so much like she did when she was younger. I remember when she was still with her grandfather, and she would have nightmares, and she would run to me, tiptoeing, and climb into bed just like this, then cling to me in middle of the night.

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I would always wake, and hold her. Rocking her gently back and fourth in my arms. That was before everything happened. I was always, always happiest when she needed me. I felt like I was useful when she needed me. Like I had a purpose.

I was like her mother…

When I snapped back to the present, I watched her eyes, as I squeezed her hands to let her know I was there.

"It…it was so scary. Summer…" She whimpered and clutched at her hands. "She was being consumed by demons. Not just eaten…physically changed by them, mentally devastated. There was nothing I could do."

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I closed my eyes, and quickly opened them seeing her daughter and my goddaughter having that done to her. I quickly wrapped my arms around her and I hugged her tightly to me. I closed my eyes again and a tear dropped down my cheek.

"I don't want to see that anymore. I felt so helpless because I couldn't help her. She kept calling for me…and I just stood there."

I rubbed her back gently, “We both know you wouldn’t just stand there, Jesse.”

"But I couldn't move." She insisted.

“It was just a nightmare. Summer is fine, and you will always be able to keep her from her inner demons.”

She sniffled and hid her eyes snuggling closer. "I'm sorry, it just scared me."

“Don’t apologize, Jesse,” I said with a smile that she couldn’t see, “I would be terrified too.” I squeezed her tightly, “Do you want to sleep in here for the rest of the night?”

She nodded from her place of snuggling. "Yes…"

“Okay,” I said softly, “I’ll sing you to sleep.”

She smiled, "I'd like that."

I began to sing, “The Little Horses” the song I sang to her when she was restless as a child was the song I chose.

Jesse's eyes closed and her breathing evened as she fell into a light sleep.

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I kissed her forehead before covering her up, and laying down next to her. It was nice to still be needed. It made me feel good.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Jesse 7

Excerpts from Jesse’s written Journal:

Day: night

Week: I dont want to know

Season: the worst kind

Something went wrong. I messed up.


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Summer's Journal: Fourtieth Entry

It has been almost two weeks since everything that happened...And...

I killed a human today. It sounds so bad as I write that sentence. I killed a human today. There are so many things wrong with it. The first is, I am no longer considering myself human. I’m not anymore. I guess I never was. The second is, I don’t kill humans. We don’t kill humans, my family doesn’t kill humans.

I killed one today.

I would never tell my father nor my mother. Chris doesn’t even know, and he will never find out. Brendan knows. He agreed with me. He said I should have. I don’t think I should have.

Today was a normal day. Of course, by normal, I guess normal is something like this happening to me. When I went to lunch today, Chris had to do something for a school project or something. He doesn’t often get time to spend with me. But I understand how important school and track is for him.

He has told me that’s how he plans on getting away from here. I wonder if he wants to take me with him. I love him.

A dark, handsome stranger, came up to me today. He dressed in all dark clothes, and he sat to eat lunch with me.

“Hey, do you mind if I sit here?” I responded with, “It’s a free country.” I ate daintily. He smiled at me, “What’s a cutie like you doing here?” “Waiting for my boyfriend.” “Oh, sorry…” He stood and walked away. I don’t often get flirted with. My strong front scares off most everyboy, and the gothic look scares everyboy else.

After lunch, I completed the rest of my day out, and I decided to stay around after school to wait for Chris’ track to let out. I waited in the quad. The boy, from lunch was there. He walked over to me and sat down.

“Not much of a boyfriend,” he said, “Leaving a girl as beautiful as you waiting for so many hours.”

“He’s a great boyfriend,” I responded immediately. He spoke with a smile as he reached for my hand, I withdrew my hand, and I spoke to him, “I have been known to rend the flesh of people who touch me and I don’t want them to.”

He frowned and withdrew his hand. He reached into his backpack, and he withdrew a long metallic object. I stared at it, it was an iron dagger. I tried not to look afraid but my eyes had to be wide.

“What about now?” He asked in much darker tones, “I am here to kill you, Summer Dawn.” My response with as much conviction as I could muster was, “Death is the last great adventure.”

He reached for my hand, and I rolled to the side off the bench, and I began to run. I closed my eyes, I was looking for something dead, I needed something dead. The sky was darkening, and I felt comfort in that.

But there was nothing dead, and when I turned around he was right on top of me. He withdrew something from his backpack, and he threw it at me. When it struck my legs, nothing happened.

I withdrew my holy water, and I threw the bottle at him. When it broke against his forehead, nothing happened. I am sure we both looked confused. I knew I expected something to happen, and I am sure he expected something to happen.

We squared off. I walked around him, making sure he couldn’t reach me with that dagger. “She told me to expect you to be good, but I didn’t know how good.”

“Who?” I asked. “Not my business to say.” He reached into his backpack again. “Why are you trying to kill me?” I asked. “Because of how many of those supernatural creatures you have dealt with.”

When he pulled the gun out and pointed at me, I felt my heart drop. He fired. The fire came from the barrel, and that was what I remembered of what happened at that moment. I don’t know how, and I don’t know why, but when the bullet hit my skin, it decayed and there was only the pain of burning where the bullet struck.

I looked down and when I saw I was still I alive, I leapt at him. I laid my hands on his neck, and I began to suck the life out of him. It was something Aurora taught me to do. It was a dark spell, one that only necromancers and life mages could access. My hands were black and I felt the life come from him.

My mouth filled with blood, and it only quickened the pace in which I was stealing his lifeforce from him.

“You’re not a human?” he asked coughing as his flesh began to age and his hair began to grey. I held him as tightly as I could, and I drained the life from him. It didn’t take long for him to age into a corpse. I released him, and my shirt began to slip down my shoulder. I grabbed it, and held it tightly so it wouldn’t fall off.

I had drained his age, and it made me younger. It had happened before, it wasn’t that big of a deal. It would wear off in a little while. Aurora told me that was because of the differences between our magic.

I went through his backpack, he had all these weapons, and charms that worked only against mortals. He had a black book, and in it were written the names of people. With normal jobs, who had a feat against the supernatural word marked next to him. A business man in Toyko remembered what his grandmother said about Kappas and was able to banish one from his place of work. A mother of two in Kansas shot and killed an ancient werewolf thinking it was going to attack her kids.

He was a Human-Hunter.

At the end of the book it read, Summer Dawn O’Ciardha, Numerous Events. There was also a letter, it read “Devith, Kill a Summer Dawn O’Ciardha at the X marked on the map I included with this letter. There must be no trace back to me. –L” I relized that I still had blood in my mouth, and I figured now would be a good time to spit it out. I spat it on him, on the letter, and on his stuff to show my displeasure.

When my blood touched the letter, it began to move around on it. The ink disappeared and written in my own blood before my very eyes.

“We will get you. We will kill you. You and you father have melded in our affairs far too much.” The letter then had a demonic symbol appear on it, and it burnt, the back burnt, and Devith, the Human Hunter burnt.

I pulled the shoulder back up on my shirt, and Brendan came over having seen the flames. I didn’t see Chris with him. I was thankful. I didn’t want Chris to see me young like this.

“Dawn?” Brendan asked me, “You’re… Oh… Dawn, what did you do?” I told him what happened. “I forgot how cute little Dawn is.” He pinched my cheek, and I snapped at him with my fangs. “Look,” He said wrapping his arm around me, “Don’t worry about it, the dude tried to shoot you. It doesn’t matter if he was human or not.”

I nodded. “Do you need to stay at our place for the night? That way your rents won’t see you as a little cute eleven year old.” I sighed and looked at him, “Brendan, I need to go home. I can wait it out in my room. You’re such a jerk.”

“Aww, wittle Darn think I’ma jerk… Ishn’t she soo cute.” I rolled my eyes at him, but I remembered what he offered and what he said, and I spoke softly,“Thanks Brendan.” He nodded, “That’s what family is for, Right?”

“Yeah. Is Chris allright?” “Yeah, Research Paper, Track, and His rents are giving him a lot to do at home. He told me to give you a hug, and tell you that he wuvs wittle Dawn.” “Thanks Brendan.”

He snapped a picture of me, then ran down the street. He knew there was no way I could catch him, and I wouldn’t even attempt. I held my necklace and then I went home. I was feeling very peppy, and I was hoping Aurora would have an answer. She didn’t. It finally wore off about an hour ago. Its time for bed.