Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Operation: Outfit

(Reposting from Next Top Hero.)

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Before the competition begins, I need to explain who I am. Some of you may have heard of me, others may have no clue who I am. My name is “Thousand Faces” I am not a hero, nor am I a true shape shifter. I am a Nature Mage, a very strong one.

As with all nature mages, I have the power to control the elements of my natural environment. From having the power to control, or spread, disease, to being in command of the weather, I influence all aspects of nature. I manipulate plant life, causing growth and decay at will. The privilege of life is in my hands as I control curative abilities. Among the most majestic of my powers is the ability to shift the form of life itself. My preferred hand to hand weapons, when I have to stoop so low is to use a pair of tomahawks.

My original form, the one that I take most often, is a Seneca Maiden. But in my original form I am mute, and since I made a deal with Coyote, no matter what I change into, I have a problem, whether it be deaf, blind, paraplegic, et cetera. The other thing that follows me is my tattoo, it always moves, but it is always there.

The name I go by normally is Aurora Dawnsfire. It was the name given to me on the birth of my shamanic powers. So, rather then call me Thousand Faces, you can call me Aurora. But remember, I am mute, so I speak entirely though sign language.


- - - -

Superman, he told us our challenge, we had to get an outfit made: Not just an outfit, a superhero costume. I find that my traditional shamanic garb that I always wear suits me just fine. But: That would be a terrible way to fail the first challenge.

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And it wasn’t like if it was embarrassing I just couldn’t change to look like someone else, right?

So, the girl who was working on my costume was from Texas. She was a down to earth looking girl, wearing cowboy boots and a classic cowboy hat, “Oh, Howdy… Isn’t that a nice outfit ya’ll is wearing… Ya need a costume, right? I gots the perfect idea for you…”

Somehow: I think a cowgirl working on an Indian’s outfit is going to lead to something hurtful and stereotypical. When she returned she was carrying fake leather. She had several dyed feathers, and what looked to be plastic.

She had me strip down, and from there, she began to wrap leather around me. When she got to it, she began to jam my side with needles, “Ya’ll ain’t in pain, are ya?” I shook my head no, but I don’t think she was paying attention.

“Ya’ll don’t talk very much, what is it? Custer got ya’lls tongue?” That was a cute comment. Too bad I couldn’t tell her what I was thinking.

“Now, ya’ll don’t mind dressing like an Indian do ya?” Yeah, this was going to be really bad, “I take silence as a no… Ya’ll are going to love this.” She stabbed me with another needle.

When she finished, she turned me around to the mirror.

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no! No! NO! I reached out to strangle her, but she pulled out a six shooter, and poked me in the back.

“Ya’ll best be getting out there.”

I stepped out of the curtain door, and the first thing I heard was, “Would you like to beat on my tom-tom?”
“Look at that: She’s out of the casino and into our vomit.”
“Aww isn’t that warpaint cute, she can go an hold up the local preschool.”
“Watch out boys, she might use her pretty little feathers to scalp us.”

I walked with my chin up in the air, proud of nothing, but not letting them phase me. When I got to the end of my walk, I showed them a bit of sign language they all knew, the double deuce.

- - - -

When I entered my room, it was a bland, white number, and I knew I had to do something special with it. I tossed some seeds down, went outside, and got a wheelbarrow full of dirt, and dumped it on the floor.

Raising my arms in the air, I concentrated and pulled energy from the whole building focusing it into the floor, several trees shot up, along with grass, flowers, and a bed of moss.

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I went outside, and found a small lightning bug. I took the lightning bug into the room, and concentrated, altering its DNA, its very being, and it grew in my hand, until it was the size of a small cat, but it was no cat.

No, this was a small dinosaur.

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The coolest thing? It had a lightning bug tip on its tail. It began to run around the room, making little noises and eating some grass. I wanted my Shamanic outfit back, but this one would have to do for now.

I laid down on the moss bed, and I closed my eyes for a well deserved nap.

Get an outfit – Success?

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